Ambient Warehousing

  • Temperature range: 15° to 25°C
  • Dry, clean, well ventilated storage at room temperature
  • Products: Electricals, Toys, Papers and perishables including food & beverages

Refrigerated & Cold Warehousing

  • Temperature range: 0°to 5°C
  • Separated cold storage room for different products and back up plans to mitigate risk
  • Products: Pharmaceuticals and frozen food (Meat stored below freezing & dairy products stored just above freezing)
  • Temperature Control
  • Routine checks to ensure temperature upkeep

Frozen Warehousing

  • Temperature range: -1° to -50°C
  • Monitored by set of systems, security staff, and also procedures to ensure the temperature is maintained at all times
  • Products: meat, cheese, poultry, seafood and dairy food
  • Highly automated facilities

Our Trucks

  • Refrigerated Transport
  • Ensure temperature control
  • Ensure food quality
  • Stand by trucks to back up in case of emergencies